Fuel Injector Testing and Servicing

New to Deutsch Auto Centre - fuel injector testing and servicing! We're super excited to now be able to offer this service to our customers. Here's the low down on what it involves:

  • Injectors are first tested for flow and sprayabilty, followed by a leakage test

  • Injector seals, baskets and filters are then removed and placed  in an ultra sonic cleaning tank which removes the carbon build up that is naturally produced over time

  • New seals, baskets and filters are fitted and injectors are retested 

  • A handy diagnostic report is generated that you can take away with you


Did you know?

A restricted spray pattern or flow can cause multiple lacks in performance e.g. reduced power and fuel economy, increased emissions, rough idle or misfires...and that's just in your every day car. In performance and race engines internal engine damage could be caused including burnt out valves, pistons and head gaskets! So next time your car is in make sure to get your injectors checked out!

Want to upgrade?

Injector servicing can be combined with our walnut blasting and inlet valve cleaning service - click here for more info