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Here's what goes into our Air Cooled VW & Porsche engine rebuilds

  • The engine is stripped down to it's bare components 

  • All parts are cleaned from oil, foreign particles and carbon deposits removed 

  • All components are then checked for wear and tear and are compared to OE manufacture tolerances and replaced where necessary 

  • Barrels are honed or replaced when necessary 

  • All new big end, main bearings, intermediate shaft bearings, piston rings are used (pistons if required) 

  • Engine components such as tinware, heads, covers, barrels, pistons are aqua blasted bringing that aluminium a new lease of life. (as seen top left)

  • The cylinder heads, valves, valve seats & guides are recut and or replaced where necessary, then reassembled with new valve stem oil seals and vacuum tested

  • All engines are built with all new gaskets, seals, head studs, and timing chains and genuine sealants.

  • This service is available supply only or supply & fit contact us now for a quote


Further to this there are various upgrades available naming a few below

  • Oil fed tensioners kit (image top right) - this is a must for engines before 1983. Giving constant tension on the timing chains eliminating the early chain rattle 

  • Bigger barrels & pistons - increasing displacement size and or compression ratios

  • Uprated head studs - 993, Dilavar or RaceWare

  • Performance camshafts - increase your air-cooled's personality

  • Oil pumps from 1976 were modified to increase outlet oil pressure these pumps have 4 vertical lines as seen in image to left with green arrow

  • Turbo valve covers - made from aluminium instead of magnesium these have reinforced ribs decreasing the likeliness of warping and causing prone oil leaks.

  • Engine tinware modifications pre 1977 (image middle right) - This involves removing 1 inch of material on the centre baffle plates, to eliminate hotspots & overheating issues by increasing airflow around the engines. this is common practice as pre 77 engine do not have oil coolers

  • Idler arms - from 1980 the bearing surface was increased to eliminate binding on the shafts extending the bearings lifespan

  • 911 Turbo camshaft housing oil line restrictors can be used to reduce the excess oil flow to the bottom end therefore increasing oil pressure particularly on idle.(image bottom right)

Please note, all of our engines are supplied with a 1 year/12,000 mile warranty