Engine Rebuilds

Engine rebuilds are our bread and butter - we haven't yet met an engine we couldn't conquer! 

Here's what goes into our standard engine rebuild:

  • The engine is stripped down to it's bare components 

  • All parts are cleaned with foreign particles and carbon deposits removed 

  • All components are then checked for wear and tear and are compared to OE manufacture tolerances and replaced where necessary 

  • Cylinder bores are rehoned or where needed are bored out or re lined

  • All new big end, main and thrust bearings are replaced along with piston rings and front/rear crank seals

  • The cylinder head surface is then skimmed with valves, seals and guides recut or replaced where needed and is then reassembled with new valve stem oil seals

  • The engine is then reassembled with all new gaskets, seals and timing chain kits if required 



We also offer an engine forging service built to customers requirements, which includes fitting of the numerous internals, such as: 

  • Standard  or oversized forged pistons

  • Forged connecting rods 

  • Uprated bearings

  • Uprated valve train components - valves, springs, retainers, lifters e.t.c. 

  • Performance camshafts 

  • ARP hardware

Please note, all of our engines are supplied with a 1 year/12,000 mile warranty